Saturday, December 16, 2006

The Real Estate

We've sold our farm, and have plunged headlong into the hellish pursuit of house hunting.
Not only are we not too sure where we want to live, but even how - should it be a smallish or large-ish bush block, or a beach house? In town(ish) or out? If any of the above, which town? North, south, in the middle?

Give me more than 3 choices and I'm history anyway.

But we did see a house on a small bush block we liked very much, today. Of course, there was an absolutely splendid stick insect on the wall by the backdoor. But I promise, that had no influence on me at all.


Snail said...

Of course, there was an absolutely splendid stick insect on the wall by the backdoor.

Did you take a picture of it? Or would that have been too disturbing for the owners and the RE agent?

jj said...


None at all?

Shame on you!


It's an indicator species for you surely?

amegilla said...

No, I didn't have my camera with me, or I would have. They aren't common around here, it's only the 2nd I've seen in 12 years.
If the RE agent thinks I'm bonkers, all to the good I reckon.

And jj, yes I did rather take it as an indicator species of showing some continuity of habitat. The block is tiny, only 1 acre, but is adjacent to National Park, Conservation Reserve and river. I have litle hope for birds (too many cats I reckon) but it might be good for invertz!

jj said...

thinking thinking thinking ... but there _would_ be hope for the birds if someone like YOU moved there, I think.

MortgageTop said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and remember to take a short trip across to the eastcoast if for no other reason other than to rule it out as somewhere you'd consider relocating to.

ps we have stick insects here too ;)

jj said...

Or you could BOTH just meet in the middle.

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