Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Saving Private Daylight

I had an extremely entertaining dream about daylight saving , I didn't want to wake up. There were lots of anarchistic looking hippies milling about waving placards with "Save Daylight". "Daylight is Innocent". "Free Daylight, Jail Howard".

WA has gone onto daylight saving time! This deserves any number of exclamation marks. The state has always stubbornly refused to change the clocks when the other states go onto EDST, and referendum after referendum have been lost as the Westerners have clung to their right to be out of step with the much despised Wise Men of the East.

Much hilarity and lampooning by the media has not been able to change a thing - no matter how many bovines are fading in cartoons, we've stood by our dairy farmers right to have conservative cows.

Mind you, Perth has so much sunshine now I'm not sure they can be doing with any more. The obesity epidemic has been cited by the government as a reason for us to go with it. Families will be urged to "recreate" (who invented this weasel word?) in the extra hour of daylight. As long as they don't procreate, fine by me.

Home Wrecker Pt IV


(OK, I know it's not exactly Star Wars or Lord of the Rings, but it's all jolly important to wasp-kind)

That wasp nest is no more. It is an ex-wasp nest. As I noted in the last episode, the covering of mud quickly plastered over the top of those spiders was flimsy in the extreme. And lo, some wasp or wasps unknown has been out and drilled away the cover and made off with the contents. There is a suspiciously well provisioned looking nest in a Chinese water jar (empty) a foot or so away.

Of course, maybe the original wasp has decided to rebuild the whole effort, and in an admirably reduce-reuse-recycle kind of way not let those spiders go to waste.


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